true mellow autumn - Madeline

True Mellow Autumn

vivid sparkling winter - Layla

Vivid Sparkling Winter

contrasting chestnut spring - Shayna

Contrasting Chestnut Spring

light opalescent summer palette - Nancy

Light Opalescent Summer

Color Analysis

What colors make you look healthier, younger and more vibrant? I use the highly individualized Color Alliance system of color analysis. This computer-assisted analysis is based not only on your color "season" but also on the specific colors of your skin, hair and eyes. The result is not one of four seasons, but one of approximately four million possible color combinations--nearly as unique as a fingerprint. Your personal color palette will provide you with flattering choices of clothing colors to benefit you throughout your life.

What will your palette look like?

There are 372 different Color Alliance names, but ten thousand times more possible palettes!

You have your choice of different palette styles. The first, more individualized palette is the Color Alliance Lifestyle Palette, shown above. This palette of forty colors is compact and comes in a handy zippered case. A foldout brochure explains the colors in more detail.

The Professional Palette is designed for the businessperson who needs a more conservative wardrobe. There is a greater emphasis on neutral shades appropriate for the workplace. Its forty colors are divided into four distinct groups. The men's palette includes Suits, Shirts, Ties, and Sports colors, while the women's divides into Basics, Lights, Basic Brights, and Accents. Each Professional Palette includes a useful guide with tips on wardrobe planning and choosing colors for their psychological impact.


During your color consultation, I will compare different color drapes to determine the warmth or coolness of your skin and will match coded color coordinates to your skin, hair and eyes to determine your unique color harmony. This computer-assisted process will result in your unique clothing color palette and personal recommendations for makeup colors. The optional complimentary makeup lesson results in a convincing "before and after" transformation.

Plan on about two hours for your individual consultation. Small group classes can also be arranged.

See the price list or contact me for more information.

Style Advice

Signia (for Men or Women)

Discover the best clothing, accessories, eyeglasses and hair styles for your face and body shape. Learn how to enhance your best features, de-emphasize figure flaws, and add or minimize height and weight. Learn what clothing qualities to look for, and how to coordinate a versatile wardrobe. You will receive a personal guidebook written for you about you and a lesson to help you use it. Considered accurate for up to a 15% weight change.

Color and Image Insight
Personal Style 12

Personal Style Expression

Choosing your best personal style is not only a matter of what you like to wear, but also what looks most like you. Your facial features, body lines and contours, your height and your preferences all help determine your best styles.

Style advisors offer from 4 to 10 categories in personal style with varying names and descriptions. We feel six choices give you enough variety, yet sufficient difference of expression, to be most helpful.


All styles stem from the Classic Personal Style Expression. It is a timeless look with tailored, simple lines. The Dramatic PSE is a stronger look with an exaggerated style. It is considered High Fashion. The Town & Country look is more casual with texture being added. The Romantic PSE is more feminine. Softer fabrics and added feminine details. The Natural PSE is more sporty. Scale down to medium texture. Delicate is more of an ingenue look. Scale down the patterns and add frill and lace.

Perhaps your best look is a combination of two of these styles. Find out how to make your wardrobe more interesting and in tune with you. Both are offered as individual consultations (see price list) or as small group classes.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

Other Services

Closet Audit

Is there a monster in your closet? Let me help you tame the beast with advice on what to get rid of, what to buy, and how to coordinate your wardrobe. I will go "shopping" in your closet and help you put together outfits that suit your coloring, figure and personal style. You'll also get tips on simplifying your wardrobe. Clear the closet clutter and enjoy a wardrobe that works!

Personal Shopping

If you want to invest more confidently in your wardrobe, I will shop with you to make sure the pieces you purchase go with your lifestyle, coloring and figure. I will also suggest pieces that interchange so that you have more versatility and save money in the long run.

Color and Image Insight

Glasses Consultation

It's a real challenge to pick out eyeglass frames if you can't see what you're doing. Even if you also wear contacts, you may find the assortment of frames at most opticians bewildering. Let me help you find the most flattering frame for your face and eye shape, coloring, and personality. To begin with, why not check out my videos on selecting eyeglasses?

Teen Parties

Adolescent girls like to experiment with clothing and makeup with sometimes startling results. Why not start her off on the right foot with a color and makeup party for a few friends? A two-hour party is usually enough time for seasonal color analysis and a low-key, age-appropriate makeover lesson for four to six girls. It's a great idea for birthdays and graduations!

See my price list or contact me to make an appointment for these services.


Does this sound like a fun business? It is! Whether you are interested in image consultant training or prefer to focus on sales of our high-quality products, we can get you started on your own fulfilling career.

Customize your business to your own interests and lifestyle. As an independent consultant with Color Me Beautiful, you can offer color and style analysis, skin care and makeup. Kits start at $99. Each has a value of at least twice that investment in tools and cosmetic products. Choose between Color Me Beautiful/Adrien Arpel (for lighter complexions) or Flori Roberts (for women of color). It's easy to sign up on the site, but feel free to ask me for details first.

I offer training for color and image consultants and will continue to support you throughout your career. The certification training is the equivalent of a three day program, arranged to suit your schedule, and can also be conducted online. The training fee is currently $500. Please contact me for more information or to attend a complimentary online training session, when available.

Read all about our color and image training program here.


CMB makeup 2023


See yourself transformed from "before" to "after"! Your best makeup choices will be customized to your personal coloring, age and lifestyle. Learn corrective techniques to even your skin tone and balance your facial features.

Under the auspices of Color Me Beautiful, I offer skin care, makeup and fragrances under the CMB brand, as well as products by Flori Roberts, Adrien Arpel and Gale Hayman. You can see the products and order directly on my consultant site. You can also ask me for a copy of our latest catalog to be mailed to you.

Order Your Favorite Beauty Products

While supplies last, you can still order your favorite Beauty by Jeunique products from me. This includes makeup previously sold under the Norma Virgin and Beauty For All Seasons labels. I can suggest similar colors and products to your old favorites.

Flori makeup 2023

Skin Analysis

You can't look your best unless your skin looks its best. No longer must you guess about the condition of your skin and what products you need. Skin Skan, with its special lighting and magnification, will pinpoint your particular needs and tell you which skin care treatments and products you need. Skin Skan is a great start to healthy, glowing skin. Make an appointment for your analysis today! See the services price list for more information.



It's Time to Update Your Look for Fall and Winter!

It is high time to get your fall and winter wardrobe in order,
and you probably want to make some updates.
Choose your new additions wisely by attending one of my Fall/Winter Fashion Updates.
This new update is called “Own Your Style” and is a great way to inspire your cooler weather looks.

We always cover the fashion trends in this class, but our focus will be on choices that will work for you over time,
without the effort of reinventing yourself every season.

Classes will be offered online as well as in my Fairfax, VA, home studio. We will cover:

  • Pantone fashion colors for Fall/Winter 2023-24
  • The latest trends in clothing, accessories and beauty
  • A special focus on the "Personality of Appearance": Learn how to express who you are through your clothing choices and give more flavor to your style.
  • Skin care featuring a regular routine for morning and "skin cycling" for evening, a four-day regimen that polishes and hydrates the skin. Daytime skin care will feature the benefits of Vitamin C, creating a healthy skin barrier, deep lip care, and skincare-makeup hybrids.
  • The makeup trend this season is a dewy, glowing face with a touch of glam.

Come see what else is on the horizon and refresh your makeup and skin care routines at one of my update classes.

fall 2023 update 2
fall 2023 update 1

For online classes, I am offering packages of samples - makeup tailored to you and/or skin care recommended in the update - for only $10 each or both for $15, which will be discounted from any purchase. The samples are not a required purchase but will enhance your experience and allow you to try before you buy. Please order your sample package at least 10 days prior to your update class.

RSVP to reserve your place in one of my classes, which will be arranged throughout the season to accommodate a variety of schedules.


I can customize interesting and enlightening programs for any organization. Presentations may include slide shows, demonstrations using models or members of the audience, or hands-on exercises. I will work with you on the format and focus for employee training, spousal programs, schools, and professional or social clubs.

These Are Some Possible Topics:

  • Your Professional Image
  • Guide to Business Etiquette
  • The Casual Workplace
  • Getting Back into the Work Force
  • Compliment Your Face Shape with the Correct Accessories
  • Developing Your Personal Style
  • Beautiful, Healthy Skin
  • Corrective Makeup Tips
  • Updating Your Look for the Holidays
  • Guide to Dining and Entertaining Etiquette
  • How to Pack a Suitcase for Any Occasion
  • What Are Your Best Personal Colors?
  • The Psychology of Color
  • Dress to Express
  • Choosing Flattering Eyewear
  • Closet Cleanup

Some of the Organizations I Have Spoken Before:

  • Dulin United Methodist Church Women
  • Health Occupations Students of America
  • Northern Virginia Association of Homebased Businesses
  • EFAuPair
  • Mothers' Access to Careers at Home
  • Fun and Fitness Travel Club
  • National Association of Professional Organizers, Washington DC Metro Chapter
  • Stonewall Title and Escrow
  • Black Women United for Action
  • Moms Inc. of Bethesda
  • Welcome Club of Northern Virginia
  • students at Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology
  • Springfield Christian Women Connection
  • Women's Club of Greater Reston

I have also been a regular instructor for Fairfax County Adult Education.

What sort of presentation would suit your organization?
Contact me to discuss your needs.