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Well, of course. Ideally, your inside and your outside aren't estranged from each other, however. Your image is your loudest voice, the first and sometimes only chance you get to let the world know who you think you are. The objective is to bring your appearance into harmony with your inner being, so that it advocates for you rather than against you.

There are so many choices out there! It's great to have options, but no one has time to try everything. Without guidance, it's easy to pick more or less randomly, yet realize that you could and should look better than you do. My goal is to educate you so that you can quickly and easily narrow the field to the styles and colors that will do best for you.

No! You can wear whatever you want to wear, of course. I simply will show you the colors I think will suit you best. You can elevate the effect of even the least flattering colors by combining them with some of your better choices, particularly when used close to the face.

Not necessarily. Many people believe that all Asians, for example, are Winters due to their dark hair and contrasting coloring. But take a look at Anh, shown at the end of my "Before and After" pictures. See how much better she looks in warm Autumn colors than with her bright pink lipstick "before". In fact, all seasons are represented in any ethnic group, although certain ones may dominate.

You can if you want to, but it is more important that both your clothing and your makeup coordinate with you. If that is true, makeup and clothing will work together well enough. If you are wearing a clothing color in a lipstick shade, however, you will look your best if your blush and lipstick colors come from the same hue.

Not a problem. I didn't wear makeup for years myself. I do think that if you are going to make the effort, you might as well make good choices. I really hate to see someone taking a lot of trouble to do something completely unflattering just because she doesn't know any better.

Ask me! I'll respond personally and may include your question in updates to this page.