About the Company

Anne Morgan

About Anne Morgan

I have never considered fashion choices trivial. After graduating from Cornell University, I moved to Atlanta, where I heard about the concept of color analysis. I was interested in it, but in the meanwhile, I moved to Los Angeles with the man who is now my husband and needed a way to make a living.

I once attended a Heart concert where the Wilson sisters wore dramatic tuxedo-style jackets. I was inspired instantly as I love to sew and do other crafts. Creating costumes for the entertainment industry in Hollywood seemed like the perfect fit.

Creating Costumes for Hollywood

Judy Corbett at J&M Costumers hired me and helped me join the Motion Picture Costumers Union. I crafted a fantastic variety of costumes, from Las Vegas showgirl ensembles to McDonald's character costumes.


Costuming Portfolio

  • Skating Smurfs for Ice Capades
  • Star Trek movies at Paramount Studios
  • Hardware and Badges for “The Wrath of Khan”
  • Vulcan costumes for “The Search for Spock”
  • Baby Gremlins
  • Copy of famous green curtain dress from “Gone with the Wind”

I had to quit after giving birth to my first son, and we moved to Fairfax County, Virginia. I worked on bits of custom dressmaking but missed the camaraderie of others who shared my love for unique design and materials.  I decided to become a color consultant.

About the Company

After scouring through the yellow pages and talking to all the color and image consultants, I decided to go with Beauty For All Seasons because I was convinced that the Color Alliance system gave the most complete and accurate information. The kit and training were reasonable in cost. 

I felt that the educational focus of the company and my incredible sponsor, Jill Wylot, suited me better than the harder sell of most of its competitors. I began my training in 1990 to become a color consultant.  Companies come and go, but I have remained loyal to the Color Alliance system, now offered by Color Me Beautiful.

Although working with makeup didn’t interest me at first, I find I love its creativity and power of immediate transformation. I'm convinced that what I can create with imagination and artistry is a better reflection of who I am than how I look first thing in the morning, and I look forward to helping you create your best impression too. 

My Achievements

I was certified in January 1990. Since then, I have advised many clients with color and image. I have been a speaker for professional and social groups and was a regular instructor for Fairfax County Adult Education for many years. I train and mentor new StyleMaker consultants. My home and studio are located in Fairfax, Virginia.

Contact me if you are interested in a color and image consultation. Call me at (703) 321-7539