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"I really enjoyed the color analysis and was so very pleased with the make-up makeover - it looked so natural yet what an improvement! You did a great job - glad you weren't too daunted by having an over-fifty subject.

"I would be interested in the clothing advice service - Signia and Personal Style Expression. My husband wants me to get a Closet Audit! - which might be a good idea also."

Retired Librarian

"I wanted to let you know that I have received MANY comments and compliments about my appearance since I started wearing the BFAS makeup and my colors...THANK YOU so much!"

Psychology Professor

"Well, I AM pleased with the work we did in my closet. I love the color separations. Makes it easy for me to find clothes I want with a quick visual of the rack. I'll work hard to keep it that way.

"With literally half as many clothes (once we cleaned out the "fat" ones), I feel as though I have triple the number of outfits, because I now see new and varied combinations, and I can find what I want instantly.

"I am very pleased with all the clothes that you found for me. Looking [on my own] last night made me really appreciate how hard you worked pulling things together."


"Your extra effort on my behalf is appreciated. You know more than anyone I've ever met personally.

"It is a real boost in self-confidence to be dressed better for weekend activities such yesterday's contra dance. I especially liked (and wore) the checked orange shirt you picked out.

"Thanks again for all the attention.

"The taste in clothing you have imparted to me continues to be a real benefit to my social life."

Senior Software Engineer

"Wanted to let you know the palette arrived yesterday. The colors are quite beautiful.

"I'm definitely starting to see how the make-up and the clothes become not about what you like or what looks good itself, but what makes YOU look good."

(later) "At my big coalition meeting . . . this weekend, I got enthusiastic comments on both days from different people on how good the colors I was wearing looked on me. Looks like I'm settling into spring!"

Nonprofit Strategy Consultant

"In being out in the color world the information you gave me is the easiest to translate to clients. People make it so hard…and you made it so understandable and complete."

Color analyst and Business Coach

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