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Style Advice (34K)

Signia (for Men or Women)

Discover the best clothing, accessories, eyeglasses and hair styles for your face and body shape. Learn how to enhance your best features, de-emphasize figure flaws, and add or minimize height and weight. Learn what clothing qualities to look for, and how to coordinate a versatile wardrobe. You will receive a personal guidebook written for you about you and a lesson to help you use it. Considered accurate for up to a 15% weight change.

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Personal Style Expression

Choosing your best personal style is not only a matter of what you like to wear, but also what looks most like you. Your facial features, body lines and contours, your height and your preferences all help determine your best styles.

Style advisors offer from 4 to 10 categories in personal style with varying names and descriptions. We feel six choices give you enough variety, yet sufficient difference of expression, to be most helpful.

All styles stem from the Classic Personal Style Expression. It is a timeless look with tailored, simple lines. The Dramatic PSE is a stronger look with an exaggerated style. It is considered High Fashion. The Town & Country look is more casual with texture being added. The Romantic PSE is more feminine. Softer fabrics and added feminine details. The Natural PSE is more sporty. Scale down to medium texture. Delicate is more of an ingenue look. Scale down the patterns and add frill and lace.

Perhaps your best look is a combination of two of these styles. Find out how to make your wardrobe more interesting and in tune with you. Both are offered as individual consultations (see price list) or as small group classes.

Contact me to discuss your needs.