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Closet Audit
Is there a monster in your closet? Let me help you tame the beast with advice on what to get rid of, what to buy, and how to coordinate your wardrobe. I will go "shopping" in your closet and help you put together outfits that suit your coloring, figure and personal style. You'll also get tips on simplifying your wardrobe. Clear the closet clutter and enjoy a wardrobe that works!

Personal Shopping
If you want to invest more confidently in your wardrobe, I will shop with you to make sure the pieces you purchase go with your lifestyle, coloring and figure. I will also suggest pieces that interchange so that you have more versatility and save money in the long run.

Glasses Consultation
It's a real challenge to pick out eyeglass frames if you can't see what you're doing. Even if you also wear contacts, you may find the assortment of frames at most opticians bewildering. Let me help you find the most flattering frame for your face and eyeshape, coloring, and personality. To begin with, why not check out my videos on selecting eyeglasses?

Teen Parties
Adolescent girls like to experiment with clothing and makeup with sometimes startling results. Why not start her off on the right foot with a color and makeup party for a few friends? A two-hour party is usually enough time for seasonal color analysis and a low-key, age-appropriate makeover lesson for four to six girls. It's a great idea for birthdays and graduations!

See my price list or contact me to make an appointment for these services.