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Color Analysis (37K)

What colors make you look healthier, younger and more vibrant? I use the highly individualized Color Alliance system of color analysis. This computer-assisted analysis is based not only on your color "season" but also on the specific colors of your skin, hair and eyes. The result is not one of four seasons, but one of approximately four million possible color combinations--nearly as unique as a fingerprint. Your personal color palette will provide you with flattering choices of clothing colors to benefit you throughout your life.

What will your palette look like?

true crystaline summer palette (21K) vivid rich autumn palette (22K) contrasting solar winter palette (21K)

True Crystalline Summer . . . Vivid Rich Autumn . . . or Contrasting Solar Winter?

There are 372 different Color Alliance names, but ten thousand times more possible palettes!

You have your choice of different palette styles. The first, more individualized palette is the Color Alliance Lifestyle Palette, shown above. This palette of forty colors is compact and comes in a handy zippered case. A foldout brochure explains the colors in more detail.

The Professional Palette is designed for the businessperson who needs a more conservative wardrobe. There is a greater emphasis on neutral shades appropriate for the workplace. Its forty colors are divided into four distinct groups. The men's palette includes Suits, Shirts, Ties, and Sports colors, while the women's divides into Basics, Lights, Basic Brights, and Accents. Each Professional Palette includes a useful guide with tips on wardrobe planning and choosing colors for their psychological impact.

men's professional palette - summer - smaller (10K) Men's Palette women's professional palette - autumn - smaller (11K) Women's Palette

During your color consultation, I will compare different color drapes to determine the warmth or coolness of your skin and will match coded color coordinates to your skin, hair and eyes to determine your unique color harmony. This computer-assisted process will result in your unique clothing color palette and personal recommendations for makeup colors. The optional complimentary makeup lesson results in a convincing "before and after" transformation.

Plan on about two hours for your individual consultation. Small group classes can also be arranged.

See the price list or contact me for more information.