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It's time to update your look for spring!

Look for these trends, among others:
* earth tones, especially beige
* bright and pastel colors, especially yellow
* white dresses
* matched suits, often with shorts
* utility styling
* tie dye
* puffed sleeves
* ruffles and feathers
* crocheted netting

Come see what else is on the horizon and refresh your makeup and skin care routines at one of my update classes.

I have a slideshow as well as a scrapbook of fashion trends to share, and will include tips on packing for travel. You'll also try some specialized skin therapy products. We'll finish up with an updated makeover in colors hand-picked for you. So much fun! My classes will held in my home studio in Fairfax, VA, and will last 1 to 2 hours.

Classes will begin in March.

RSVP for your space in one of these classes. I will also offer an online class.