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Does this sound like a fun business? It is! Whether you are interested in image consultant training or prefer to focus on sales of our high-quality products, we can get you started on your own fulfilling career.

Customize your business to your own interests and lifestyle. As an independent consultant with Color Me Beautiful, you can offer color analysis, skin care and makeup. Kits range from only $65.50 (for a Skin Care Kit) to $635.00, including shipping, for Color Alliance kits, which are required for image consultant training. Each has a value of at least twice that investment in tools and cosmetic products. Choose between Color Me Beautiful/Adrien Arpel (for lighter complexions) or Flori Roberts (for women of color). It's easy to sign up online, but feel free to ask me for details first.

I offer training for color and image consultants and will continue to support you throughout your career. The certification training is the equivalent of a three day program, arranged to suit your schedule, and can also be conducted online. The training fee is currently $500. Please contact me for more information or to attend a complimentary online training session, when available.

Would you like to improve your existing business/career NOT in image consulting? Contact Certified Executive Coach/Consultant Larry Rudwick for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.