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Beauty For All Seasons, founded by Norma Virgin in 1976, was the first company to offer clothing color palettes and makeup for people of different seasonal types. Beauty For All Seasons was responsible for introducing Color Alliance, the most scientific and personalized color analysis available, as well as the Signia style and silhouette programs for men and women.

As part of Jeunique International, with whom the Beauty For All Seasons merged in 2000, the company, which became known as Beauty by Jeunique, was able to offer cosmetics, image products (including color palettes and Signia wardrobe guides) and services, skin therapy products, custom-fitted bras and shape-wear, and nutritional products. Sadly, Jeunique's owner died in September 2010, launching an extended period of uncertainty. After purchase by Cleartree Brands and a brief rebranding as Allow Beauty, Jeunique closed its doors at the end of October 2011.

We are now affiliated with Color Me Beautiful, one of the most recognizable and respected names in color and cosmetics. Founded by Carole Jackson, whose book of the same name popularized the concept of seasonal color analysis, the company offers seasonal clothing color swatch packets as well as a wide array of cosmetic products under the labels CMB, Flori Roberts, Gale Hayman, Interface, Patti LaBelle, and Adrien Arpel.